This is a collection of functions, libraries, and utilities that I have developed over the years for programming in C. Much of it was written to ease cross-platform development. I am making it available to everyone in the hopes that someone might find it useful. I have released this code under the LGPL with an explicit exception that allows for static linking with this library.

The code is meant to be as standard as possible and I have used most of it at some point under Linux, MacOS X, SPARC Solaris, and Windows. I will add functionality as I get time to pull in and clean up more of my code. Most of the individual libraries and functions are useful by themselves and it is not necessary to install the whole toolkit. Take a look in the Documentation section for more information.

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  • High performance, easy to use dynamic array implementation
  • Cross-platform directory handling
  • Cross-platform dynamic library handling
  • General purpose logging facility
  • Powerful general purpose plug-in management system
  • High performance string hash map
  • High precision timing functions